Antique trends for 2014




Metropolitan Community Church

Rev. Pressley Sutherland 

Begins Tenure as Interim



Here are the biggest trends for the new year. Here’s what we’ll be looking out for come 2014…

Art deco

The Gatsby film legacy lives on but in a more substantial form. a trend for art deco furniture, particularly three-piece suites and cocktail bars. Ideal for the new year.


The market in real pearls is climbing. Recent auctions show that jewellery as a whole is doing well –


There’s an emerging trend of combining contemporary art with antiques, to mix - the new with the old, the functional with the decorative, and the intensely personal with the purely practical.' 


From actual lustreware to simply something with a shine, 2014 will be about having a bit of glitz.  Wedgwood lustre bowls such as this one (below) are selling well.

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St PetersburgWelcome Center

 Make this House a Home
They need your help to turn this handsome historic house into a second home for LGBT youth and visitors. With your contributions*, the house will become: A Welcome Center As the area’s LGBT Welcome Center, we will offer travel resources, package deals and insider tips on how visitors can get the most out of their stay in Tampa Bay.

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The interim journey from transition to transformation is such a special time in the life of a church,” said Rev. Sutherland, “It is a privilege to be invited to pastor and companion a community between settled pastorates. Perhaps the best gift in the process is not so in much preparing for and finding the next Senior Pastor, but the excitement that comes when a community finds itself again and its mission. I am looking forward to meeting you."

 of celebrity and fame, and finally his treatment of painting and image as it pertains to human mortality.

"Warhol and Dali lived in New York City at the same time. The photos of the two of them suggest a certain reticence. Perhaps they knew how much alike they were. Artistically they are of the same species - both radical.  Warhol was one of the American artists most marked by the legacy and model of Salvador Dali."                                                         - Dr. Hank Hine, Executive Director of The Dali

"Warhol: Art. Fame. Mortality." explores how Andy Warhol learned from Dali's public visibility and was equally attuned to the images derived from mass culture. The exhibit considers Warhol's seldom discussed engagement with other artists through his own painting, how he constructed an approach to the image in terms